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Hes a good boi with a heart of gold :))

age: 23985486048925

gender: dog

species: ya mom (got em, i i got em)

pronouns: sure does has em


Attack: 7
Defense: 3
Agility: Has it
Special: existing

Anime backstory

It all started at the war of kible (kye-ble) He died but he didnt. Also like his whole family got are died but not celeste, shes a bitch. Anyway so like dog was very are depression and had like the voices and self hurt but then he didnt because he became big happy. Also this one time he had a best friend named dog2thesequel but after a biig fight with lotsa twist and turns turns out dog2thesequel betrayed dog and like explosions. please be sad but be happy after i tell you that dog is happy now yaay because it turns out in a plot twist that dogs second uncles son's brother's cousin survived the war and they remenice about the old days.

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